St. John’s Wort, a Natural Pick-Me-Up

Date August 20, 2010

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Millions of folk have experienced some symptoms of depression all though their lives, from the wierd winter blues to outright clinical depression. Anyone can experience depression at any age, but fortunately it isn’t generally serious, and there are natural cures to raise your mood. While this is an alternative not regularly selected by many folks, natural mood lifts work on almost all cases of depression. A few individuals do not even have a sort of depression till they spot a commercial that lists some symptoms. While this at-home diagnosis might be of use for some people, it can cause issues in the depression area.

St John's WortOne of the most respected natural lifts is St. John’s wort, a yellow-flowered plant containing many chemical compounds. Studies have proven the results of St. John’s wort in even significant cases of depression. Many experts believe it is the best natural remedy for fighting depression, though others dispute this.

If using St. John’s wort for your depression, a standard dose is between nine hundred and 1,200 mg daily, for 1 to three months. There are irrelevant side-effects linked with this natural mood lift, but they regularly affect folks who are taking other herbal and prescribed drugs. It is thought to sometimes lower the effect of other medicines, and you should always consult with your doctor if you are taking any other medications.

Another often substance for fighting depression symptoms is S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine, or SAMe. Test results aren’t as decisive as St.John’s wort, but SAMe has been shown to reduce symptoms in mild cases. It’s marketed as a supplement in the US, but as a prescription drug elsewhere (such as Russia.)

Possibly the most natural mood lifts include exercise and daylight. Due to the mood-enhancing endorphins released during running, exercising is a fast, straightforward and safe natural mood enhancer. Daylight is also endorsed for certain depression cases because it’s been shown to raise the levels of vitamin-D in our bodies, which can raise our moods.

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